The Group Calendar Tab - Calendar Views

ConexED’s scheduling system has several calendar views that will allow front desk to review scheduled appointments and access the appointment details. To locate your group’s calendar, first locate your group within Campus Calibrate in the left hand panel. Clicking on the name of a group will take you to the calendar page for that group.

Day View

The day view is the default calendar view and will show a calendar grid for a single day. Office hours are shown in light gray. Walk-in office hours are also in light gray but will be shown in a yellow box. Appointments are color coded to show the meeting location. Staff and Front Desk can click on any appointment for appointment details. The details of the appointment will appear over the calendar view.

Week View

To navigate to the week view, click, “Week” within your group’s calendar tab. The week view is similar to the day view. Appointment details will be displayed when the appointment block is clicked on. You can also scroll laterally to view all the days of the week and the appointments that are scheduled on those days.