Success Center

Connect with your Success Center Coaches

Our Success Center powered by ConexED keeps you connected and on track as your advance through your program. Your success is our success! We are here for you! For an unscheduled walk-in meeting, click the Knock on Door button door during regular office hours. To schedule, click the Schedule Meeting button.

Connect With Your Coach Using Knock-On-Door

Click the Knock on Door button to let your coach know you’re here.

Say, “Hello!” in the chat and let us know you’d like to meet. Will this be a one-on-one or a group meeting?

Your Success Coach will send an Enter Meeting button into the chat to start a meeting right away.

Or your Success Coach will have you wait in the Virtual Lobby until it’s your turn or until your group is ready if you are joining others.

If you are not logged into your student portal, after you knock, you will have to 1) agree to the Informed Consent about how we uphold your privacy rights online, and 2) log in using your usual school id and pw.

Video chat with Success Coach Chrissine on Cranium Cafe

Tips for Waiting in the Virtual Lobby

Before: Upon entering the Virtual Lobby, you will be prompted to select a reason for your visit.

During: If other guests are in the lobby, you will be listed in the order of arrival with the first to arrive at the top of the guest list. When a staff member initiates a chat with you, the chat is private. Other guests cannot see the private conversation. If a group chat has been enabled in the lobby, there will be an announcement on the whiteboard that notifies you of this. Please be respectful while in this Virtual Lobby. Your Coach will be with you as soon as it is your turn.

Tips for Meeting in the Virtual Office

Before: Upon entering the Virtual Office, you will be giving a screen to check your audio and video. Take this step to ensure you ready, and then click the Enter Meeting button.

During: Inside the Virtual Office, there is a chat pod, closed captions, buttons to mute/unmute your audio and turn on/off your video. In the Virtual Office, there are also tools for sharing your screen, uploading a file, signing documents or having them signed, and to simply communicate and have a productive and private conversation and meeting.

After: At the end of your meeting, you will land on our survey page. Please complete the survey. We want to ensure you got the help you needed. Thank you!

How to Schedule a Meeting With Your Coach

  1. Click the Schedule Meeting button on your Coach’s card.

On the scheduling form like the one shown below, select a meeting location, reason, date, and time.

Next, complete the Intake Form like the one shown below:

After scheduling your meeting, you will arrive on your Upcoming Meetings page in your ConexED account. Here, you will find the URL for the Virtual Office meeting. Five minutes before the meeting is scheduled to begin, a Join Meeting button will appear below the link. Click Join Meeting.

After you schedule an appointment, you will also receive a reminder email about the meeting. You can customize when you receive your meeting reminders by going to your Office Hours & Settings page in your ConexED account and selecting the time frame from the dropdown menu labeled Send Meeting Reminder as shown below.

At any time, you can access your meeting archives by logging into your ConexED dashboard at Use your school credentials to log in if you are not already logged into your campus portal.