100 Counselor Certificate Courses: Level 1


The Counselor: Level 1 is a certification awarded to those who demonstrate Level 1 knowledge and skills for connecting with students using the ConexED card and lobby, conducting virtual meetings, creating office hours, and scheduling meetings, busy events, and event meetings.

Course enrollment includes three Level 1 skill areas and a certification exam.

  • Student Service Professional 1
  • Office Hours Specialist 1
  • Appointment Master 1
  • Counselor: Level 1 Certification Exam




  • Connecting With Students Via the ConexED Card
  • Connecting With Students Via the Group Lobby
  • How to Conduct a Meeting–Use Meeting Tools
  • Navigating Office Hours & Settings
  • Creating Office Hours
  • Sync Your Calendar
  • The Student Lookup Method
  • The Calendar Method
  • Creating Busy Events
  • Scheduling Workshops