Persistent Presence


New in the ConexED Classroom!

Persistent Presence is a feature for continually displaying the moderator video feed in all breakout rooms simultaneously for increased accountability and engagement.




Q: What is Persistent Presence?

A: The new Persistent Presence feature is available in the ConexED Classrooms when Breakout Rooms are active. The moderator video feed is continually displayed in all breakout rooms for increased accountability and engagement.


Q: How do I know if the moderator is in the breakout room?

A: When the moderator is active in a breakout room, their picture or video will appear in the center of the room without an open whiteboard or to the side if a whiteboard is open. When the moderator is active in a different room, users will see their picture/video in the upper right corner of the classroom.


Q: As a moderator, is this function available to turn on and off as necessary?

A: Yes, the moderator can turn off the continuous feed and/or turn it back on.


Q: Can the moderator hear and see the participants in the breakout room at all times?

A: No, the moderator can only hear, see, and interact with participants when the moderator is active in that particular breakout room.


Q: Does the moderator’s video always stay on?

A: No, each time the moderator moves to a different breakout room or back to the main classroom, the video must be reactivated.


Please note: Moderators will always be visible in all breakout rooms unless their camera is off. Breakout room participants will only be visible within their assigned breakout room.

In Figure 1, the two classroom moderators are not in the Breakout Room; however, their video feed is displayed in the right column of the classroom.

 Figure 1

Persistent Presence of Moderator in Active Breakout Room