Events Report

The Moderator’s Event Report

The Events Report provides event attendance numbers as you learned in the previous lesson; however, the Events Report also provides the primary moderator other useful data. Group administrators have access to event data in the Master Appointment Report and the Classroom Report, but the event moderator (who may not be a group manager with access to the group reports) also has access to their event’s report.

Figure 1 zooms in on the column headings and options for viewing the Events Report available to the event moderator. Each labeled heading is described below the figure.

Figure 1

Column Headings and View Options of the Events Report

  1. Number of Rows ( “Show Entries”): Select how many rows to show on one page (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Show Number of Entries

  1. Order By: The report rows can be reordered according to the column criteria by clicking the icon by the heading as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Order by Those Who Attended

  1. Copy, CSV, Print: Share or save the report externally (Figures 4-7).

Figure 4

Select Copy, CSV, or, Print

Figure 5

Copy and Paste Rows to a Document or Email

Figure 6

CSV: Download and Open File in Excel, Numbers, Sheets, etc

Figure 7

Print File or Save as a PDF

  1. Search: Locate one attendee’s information as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

Search Report for an Attendee

  1. Attendee Name: The name used at the time of registration.
  1. Student ID: If the attendee has a student ID, it will appear here.
  1. Attended: Whether or not the registrant attended.
  1. Reason Code: Associated with the moderator’s group and used on the group scheduler.
  1. Registration Date: The date the attendee registered.
  1. Classroom Join Time: The time the attendee arrived in the virtual event space.
  1. Duration in Classroom: The length of time the attendee stayed in the virtual event space.
  1. Registration Form Responses (Figure 9)

The Registration Form Responses appear in one cell as a bulleted list. To see the responses prior to the event start time, run the report using an end time after the event would have occurred to include the upcoming event in the report.

Tip: Since the Events Report does not include attendees’ email addresses by default, one useful field on a registration form could be an email address.

Figure 9

Example Registration Form Responses Cell

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