Workshop Scheduling FAQ

Workshop Scheduling FAQ

Q. How do I limit the number of guests that can register for a workshop?

A. When creating a workshop (Figure 1) or when editing a workshop (Figure 2), you can limit the number of guests.

Figure 1

Limit Guests When Creating a Workshop

Figure 2

Limit Guests When Editing a Workshop

Q. What is the maximum number of guests allowed?

A. For meetings in the virtual meeting space, 100 is the maximum as shown in Figure 3. For on-campus meetings, the maximum is 1000 as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 3

Virtual Meeting Max

Figure 4

On-Campus Meeting Max

Q. I want to use the same registration form that another group user created. How do I access it?

A. Each user has their own registration forms. To add another user’s form to your workshop, you would need to add that user as a facilitator to your workshop and ask them to open the workshop’s Appointment Details, click the Edit Workshop button, and then add their registration form to the workshop and Save.

Q. The Events Report does not include the attendees’ email addresses. Where do I find the attendee’s email addresses?

A. At the bottom of the Edit Event Meeting page as depicted in Figure 5, you will find each attendee’s ConexED Card. If the user includes their email on their card, you will find it here. You can also include email on the registration form as a required field.

Figure 5

Email Address on ConexED Cards on Edit Event Meeting Page

Q. Will those waiting in the queue be automatically promoted to the Meeting Attendees list if there is a cancellation and a seat becomes available?

A. No. The moderator has to manually add users in the wait queue to the Meeting Attendees list.

Q. Can I add those waiting in the queue to the Attendee List even when the event is full (and override the guest limit)?

A. Yes. A moderator can override the guest limit and add more attendees to the meeting.

Q. Will my workshop show up on my group’s meeting report?

A. If you associated your workshop with a group when you created it, yes, it will be included on that group’s Master Appointment Report and the group’s Classroom Report.

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