Understanding Kiosk Locations

Check-In Kiosks Overview

When you log in to ConexED and navigate to your group settings page, those with the Front Desk Agent role and above will see the Check-In Kiosk tab as illustrated in Figure 1. The Check-In Kiosk is an option that is enabled by your ConexED Customer Success or Implementation Manager. When the Check-In Kiosk is enabled, the group will have as many kiosks as it has locations. Locations, with regard to kiosks, are where group users hold their on-campus meetings. Locations are added and edited by group administrators. A location may be a campus, building, office, classroom, or some other physical space where a student or guest would walk in for an unscheduled meeting.

The group depicted in Figure 1 has three locations: West Bay Campus, East Bay Campus, and University Center. Each location has a Check-In Kiosk Overview that provides the number of people waiting in the queue for that location and the longest wait time. Each location’s Kiosk also has its own Check-In Page and Kiosk Permalink, Dashboard, and Live Monitor View.

Figure 1

Kiosk Tab > Check-In Kiosks Overview Page

Understanding Location Kiosks Quiz

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