Taking Attendance

Taking attendance is an important part of managing an event, not only for instructors who require student attendance but also for educators and administrators assessing an event’s success.

Virtual Meeting Attendance

In the ConexED virtual meeting space, attendance is taken automatically when a registered attendee arrives in the meeting. The primary event moderator who held the event can locate the attendance details in the Event Report.

To access the report, go to Schedule & View Meetings, toggle to Event Meeting, and select the Events Report tab. On the Webinar History page, you can search for the event. To search, limit the date range to include the date of the event you want to access, and then as shown in Figure 1, click Run Report.

Figure 1

Run Report

The report will first list all of the events that you moderated between the date range you selected. You can input a future date to see the registration details thus far; however, the attendance field will only show who attended after the event has happened. Locate the desired event from the results and click the document icon in the View Registration Details column as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

View Registration Details

The report as illustrated in Figure 3 will list the attendees. There is a column indicating if they attended or not with a Y for yes and N for no. At the bottom of the report, you’ll see a summary of totals:

  • Total number of student registered
  • Total number of students who attended
  • Total number of students who did not attend

Figure 3

Attendance List

On-Campus Workshop Attendance

Taking attendance for an on-campus event is done manually from the Classroom Attendance page that opens when you select Edit Attendance from either the Upcoming Meetings page if you are a moderator or from the Appointment Details window if you are a moderator or another facilitator.

To record attendance, check the box in the Attendance list when you know the student has attended the event, and then click Save Attendance as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Check Attendance Box

When you run the event report, you will see a Y in the Attended column of those that were marked present on the Attendance page.

Taking Attendance Quiz

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