Syllabus and Schedule

Module 6: Virtual Event Lead

Estimated Time to Complete the Module: 3 Hours

  • 2 hours learning the course content: reading articles and watching videos.
  • 1 hour for practice/quizzes and assessments. 

Allowed Time Frame to Complete the Module: 5 Weeks

  • You have 5 weeks to complete the module beginning from your registration date. 
  • If you do not complete the module in 5 weeks or wish to continue to have access to the content, you will need to re-register for the course and pay the registration fee to again have access. After re-registering, you can start anew or pick up where you left off. 
  • An important part of completing the module to earn a Virtual Event Lead badge is passing each of the three assessments with a score of 80% or higher and completing the survey question in each unit’s assessment.

Units & Lessons

The units and lessons in this module build upon each other and are designed to be completed in the order that they are presented. While the lessons build on a beginner’s knowledge of the ConexED scheduler, to earn each point necessary for unlocking the achievement badge, every lesson must be completed. Completing a lesson may require a comprehension check quiz or assessment. 

Course Introduction (0 Points)

Unit 1. Scheduling a Virtual Event (8 Points)

  • Schedule a Virtual Meeting
  • View and Edit Scheduled Meetings
  • Managing Attendance
  • Event Registration Forms
  • Unit 1 Assessment

Unit 2. Moderating a Virtual Event (8 Points)

  • Adding Attendees and New Students
  • Using the Wait Queue
  • Taking Attendance
  • Events Report
  • Unit 2 Assessment

Unit 3. How Students & Guests Self-Register (13 Points)

  • Registration URL
  • Workshop Button
  • Scheduler
  • Workshop Scheduling FAQ
  • Final Assessment

ConexED University Contacts

Membership & Registration Support

ConexED University Directors

  • Tracy Gorham, ConexED CEO
  • Melody Pickle, ConexED Director of Customer Innovation
  • Nick Jacobs, ConexED Creative Director

Curriculum and Development Team

  • Chrissine Cairns, ConexED Implementation Manager
  • Abbe Breiter, ConexED Implementation Manager
  • Kurtis Clements, ConexED Content Developer and Copywriter
  • Rafael Juarez, ConexED Support
  • Alex Silcox, ConexED Support