The Scheduler

The student-facing scheduler is one of ConexED’s legacy features designed to make every student a priority. From the moderator filter and reason codes created just for students to the customized intake form and confirmation email, the scheduler establishes clear expectations for meetings while leading students and guests through the self-scheduling process.

The student-friendly interface also makes it easy to schedule. With each selection on the scheduler, the next step appears. Figure 1 shows the scheduler after the date, moderator, reason, and location have been selected. When the time is then selected from those provided, the intake form will appear, prompting the student to provide the specific information and data needed by the student service group.

Figure 1

The ConexED Scheduler Interface


Students can access the scheduler to self-schedule their own appointments in three principal ways:

1. The Student Support Directory in ConexED

The Student Support Directory in ConexED holds the profile cards for each staff member in each group. The calendar button on the profile card will open the respective group’s scheduler. If a particular user has a card in two different groups, it will be important for accurate group reporting that the student uses the correct group’s scheduler. Selecting the correct group’s scheduler will also ensure that the student chooses from the correct reason codes when they schedule.

In Figure 2, the scheduler button is labeled “Schedule Meeting”; however, this text is customizable in each user’s profile settings. The button can also be disabled in an individual’s profile settings to prevent students from self-scheduling.

When a student logs into ConexED, if the school does not have Case Management enabled, they will arrive on the Student Support Directory page. To locate a specific group or user, the student can scroll and browse the cards, or they can use the search tool to jump to the location of a specific user in the directory. From there, the student can click the calendar icon on any card to open the group scheduler.

If the school has Case Management enabled, when students login, they will arrive on their dashboard and can open the Student Support Directory by clicking the Support Network button on the left navigation menu as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Student Support Network

If the school has enabled Case Management but has not assigned the student to a Cohort with attached student support groups, then students can open the Student Support Directory clicking the Show by Department filter as shown in Figure 3 and selecting View Full Directory as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 3

Show by Department

Figure 4

View Full Directory

2. The Group Cards embedded externally

Because each student service group has their own URL for displaying their group cards in a browser window, and because each card also has its own URL for displaying one single user’s card in a browser window, the student can also access the scheduler when the group or individual profile card URLs are shared, linked to, or embedded on external webpages as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Group Cards and Individual Card

3. Direct URL to the Scheduler

Each group’s scheduler also has a unique URL that can be shared or linked to. Group admins can locate their group’s specific URL in the group settings; however, the template for the scheduler URL is the following:

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