Scheduler FAQ

Q: How far in advance can the meeting be scheduled?

A: This depends on the setting within the group. The group manager can decide how far in advance a meeting can be scheduled. The default is 2 weeks.

Q: How can a student access the scheduler to make an appointment?

A: The student can find the scheduler link on a staff member’s card in the Student Support Directory or an embedded ConexED profile card on a webpage or via a direct link provided by the student service.

Q: How do I reschedule with a staff member in another group or department?

A: Cancel the appointment, and if you have access to the other group’s calendar, use the Student Lookup in that group to schedule the new appointment. If you do not have access to the other group for making appointments, send a message to that group’s front desk agent or scheduling staff about the appointment request or instruct the student how to self-schedule using the scheduler icon on the staff member’s card.

Q: Where can I access the information about my appointment?

A: Each student and staff member will receive an email with the details of their appointment and, once logged into ConexED, they can see their appointments by selecting “Schedule and View Meetings” on the left navigation bar, then clicking “My Office Appointments.”

Q: Not all staff members see appointments, how can I limit students from scheduling with the wrong staff member?

A: Each individual staff member can “turn off” access to the scheduling calendar icon on their calendar so as not to confuse students that they would be available for an appointment.

Q: Where can I find previous appointment information?

A: Previous appointment information can be found by navigating to the Archives tab on the navigation bar, by navigating to the calendar and finding the specific date that the meeting was held, or by conducting a student look-up to see the history of the student appointments.

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