Student Login

How Current Students Check In to the Queue

In the previous unit, we looked at the Check-In Page and how it needs to open on a separate device from the Queue agent’s device for managing the Queue. Students can also use their own mobile devices to complete these steps. The steps below illustrate the student experience when checking themselves into the queue. The process begins when they log in.

Step 1: The student clicks the Student Login button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Student Login Button in the Kiosk Check-In Page

Step 2: The student logs in using their student credentials. The screen that opens will depend on whether the group associated with that Kiosk Check-In has enabled their school’s Single Sign On service. If they have, the student will click the Student Login button and be redirected to their school’s login window as shown in Figure 2. If the group is set up to allow for other types of logins, the student may see the screen in Figure 3, which asks the student to enter their name, Student ID number, and optionally their phone number.

Figure 2

Student Login for School With Single Sign On

Figure 3

Student Login Without School Single Sign On

If the group has a specific informed consent statement as illustrated in Figure 4, the student must then agree to it before continuing. If not, the student will be directed to choose a reason for the visit.

Figure 4

Example Informed Consent Statement

Step 3: The student next sees a Meeting Purpose screen as shown in Figure 5. They must select their reason for the meeting. The reasons are the group’s preset reason codes. Each reason code determines the length of time the meeting will block on the group calendar once the student is assigned to a staff member. The actual meeting end time will be set when the staff member checks the student out after the meeting concludes.

Figure 5

Meeting Purpose Screen

After selecting the reason, the student must click “Next” and then they will see a confirmation screen that they have been checked in as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

Confirmation of a Successful Check In

Student Login

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