Checking Students In

In order for a student meeting to appear as part of any of the Statistics Reports, students must be checked in and out of their appointment. This can be done manually or automatically depending on (1) the appointment type and (2) the group settings.

Video Appointments

Students are automatically checked in when they enter the cafe (Figure 1) for the appointment. In addition, the students are automatically checked out when they exit the cafe.

Figure 1. Virtual Meeting Cafe

Telephone or In-Office Appointments

Option 1: Students can be manually checked in for telephone appointments using the Check-In button on the appointment details window.


  1. Click on the appointment on the calendar to open the appointment details as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2. Click Calendar to Open Appointment Details

2. Click on “Student Check In” as shown in Figure 3. This will record the actual start time of the meeting.

Figure 3. Appointment Details and Student Check In Button

3. When the appointment is complete, click on “Student Check Out” as shown in Figure 4, which will record the actual end time of the meeting.

Figure 4. Student Details and Student Check Out Button

Option 2: Group managers can choose automatic check-in/check-out for telephone and office appointments under group settings as shown in Figure 5. The actual start and end time will then appear the same as the scheduled meeting start and end times.

Figure 5. Group Setting for Auto Check-In/Check-Out

Checking-In Students Quiz

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