The Student Lookup Method

Lesson Goal

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to apply the steps for the scheduling an appointment using the Student Lookup Method.

Appointment Master kicks off with a lesson on the Student Lookup Method for scheduling appointments in ConexED. This method provides the most streamlined process for scheduling an appointment for a staff member and a student.

Video: How to Schedule an Appointment Using the Student Lookup Method

Text: How to Schedule an Appointment Using the Student Lookup Method

Step 1. Navigate to the group.

Navigate to the student service group where the student needs an appointment. Your access to the group is dependent on your role within the group. You can only access the groups that you’ve been assigned to as a Front Desk Agent, Faculty/Staff user, or group administrator. Figure 1 illustrates a Front Desk Agent’s access to a group.

As shown in Figure 1, first click Student Support Admin.

Figure 1

Access the Group by Clicking Student Support Admin on the User Panel

Next, select the department and then the group. In Figure 2, the department is the Tutoring Center, and the group is the Writing Center. Clicking Writing Center opens the Writing Center’s group calendar.

Figure 2

Select the Department and Group

Step 2. Select the Student Lookup tab.

The tabs you see when you select a group on the user panel will depend on your role. A Front Desk Agent will see the group’s Calendar, Student Lookup, and Check-In Kiosk (if enabled). A Faculty/Staff user will see these same tabs plus a Reports tab.

Select the Student Lookup tab as shown in Figure 3 and type in the student’s ID, name, or email. As shown in Figure 4, results will begin to appear after the first three characters. Select the appropriate student from the results list.

Figure 3

On the Student Lookup Tab, Use the Search Tool to Select the Student

Figure 4

Select Student From Results

Step 3. Click the student’s Schedule Meeting link.

When you select a student, that student’s information page will open. Navigate to the student’s ConexED Card and click the Schedule Meeting link under the calendar icon as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Click Schedule Meeting on the Student’s Card

Step 4. Use the scheduler to schedule a meeting.

The Schedule Meeting link opens the group’s scheduler. As you make each selection, the scheduler will reveal the next filter. Schedulers are customized by group administrators, so they may or may not show the same options as the example in Figure 6. In the example, the moderator filter has been hidden.

Figure 6

Group Scheduler Available Via the Student’s Schedule Meeting Link

The last filter before the Intake Form appears is Recommended Time Slots. Here, even if the moderator filter has been hidden as Figure 6 illustrated, the available moderator for that time slot will be shown as illustrated by Figure 7.

Figure 7

Select the Moderator and/or Time Slot

The Intake Form that pops up last, as shown in Figure 8, is customized by the group administrator. Whether or not one uses the Student Lookup Method to schedule an appointment can be determined by whether or not it is appropriate for a Front Desk Agent or staff member to complete this form for a student.

Figure 8

Group Scheduler Intake Form

Accessing the Appointment Details

Once the appointment is created, you will see it listed on the Student Details page in the Appointment History section as shown in Figure 9. Clicking View Details will open the Appointment Details.

Figure 9

The Scheduled Appointment Now Appears on the Student Details Page

The Appointment Details window illustrated in Figure 10 is where the Front Desk Agent or a Faculty/Staff group user can manage the appointment: reschedule it, extend it, check the student into a telephone or in-office appointment, or cancel it.

Figure 10

Appointment Details

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