Group Calendar Method

Another way to schedule meetings is by using the calendar method. This method of scheduling bypasses the group’s scheduler and customized Intake Form, although after the meeting has been created if the group has an Intake Form, it can be accessed and edited within the Appointment Details. This lesson also includes a video that shows additional calendar settings to further streamline the calendar method of scheduling.

Step 1: Navigate to the group calendar.

Open the group calendar and click within the desired user’s office hours. Office hours are light gray as illustrated in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Click the Calendar to Create a Meeting

Clicking on the calendar will open an Event Creation pop-up as shown in Figure 2. Select Create Appointment.

Figure 2

Event Creation Pop-Up With the Button to Create an Appointment

When the scheduling form opens, type in the student’s or attendee’s name, verify or edit the start and end time, and select a reason code, which may adjust the end time according to the time allotted for that reason, and select the meeting location. Finally, type in the meeting subject and click Create Appointment.

Figure 3

Event Creation Form for an Appointment

The appointment will now appear on the calendar as illustrated by Figure 4.

Figure 4

Scheduled Meeting Now Shows on the Calendar

Clicking the meeting block on the calendar will open the Appointment Details. The Appointment Details include buttons for managing the appointment such as rescheduling it, extending it, checking the student in if it’s a telephone or in-office appointment, and canceling it. Appointment Details also provide quick access to the student information page via the magnifying glass icon beside the student’s name as illustrated in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Appointment Details for Managing the Appointment and Accessing the Student’s Information

The Appointment Details window may have additional tabs, but visibility is limited by one’s role in the group. A Front Desk Agent will only be able to see the Appointment Info, Intake Form, and Student Survey tabs. A Front Desk Agent may edit an Intake Form that was not used during the calendar method of scheduling, but once they save it, the details except for the meeting topic and telephone cannot be edited again.

Figure 6

Appointment Details Intake Form

Those with the Faculty/Staff role and above will see all available tabs on the Appointment Details; however, the available tabs are dependant on what forms the group administrator has customized for the group. Forms that have not been customized will not appear on the Appointment Details. Figure 7 shows all of the available tabs as viewed by the moderator for the meeting. The tabs include the following:

  1. Appointment Info
  2. Intake Form
  3. Student Survey
  4. Staff Review Form
  5. Notes and Reason Codes

Figure 7

Appointment Details as Viewed by the Meeting Moderator

Lesson 2: Scheduling Appointments Via the Calendar (Video, 6 minutes)

Watch this video to see another example of the calendar method and additional strategies for selecting the time on the calendar, adding students who are not in the system, and customizing your view of the calendar to further streamline the process.

Calendar Method Quiz

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