In this unit of the Workshop Scheduler Specialist module, we’ve been looking at the ways students and guests can register for a group user’s workshop or event, and one final way is by using the Group Scheduler as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Group Scheduler with Workshops Included in Available Appointments

When the student or guest selects the associated filters of the scheduler, including the workshop’s reason code and finally the workshop timeslot, they will see the workshop registration form as Figure 2 exemplifies rather than the appointment intake form depicted in Figure 3. They can then register for the workshop, and they will receive the workshop registration confirmation email instead of an appointment confirmation email.

Figure 2

Workshop Registration Form

Figure 3

Appointment Intake Form

How to Add Workshops to the Schedule

Including workshops on a group’s scheduler is a group scheduling setting available to group administrators. As illustrated in Figure 4, the group administrator must select the box beside “Show Workshop/Classroom in Availability Results” and then click Save Settings.

Figure 4

Group Scheduling Settings

Before adding workshops to the schedule, there are other factors to consider and have in place:

  1. How will students know they are registering for a workshop rather than scheduling an appointment? Here are some possible ways:
    • Create a workshop location that would filter the timeslots so they only show the workshops.
    • Create a workshop reason code that would filter the timeslots so they only show the workshops.
    • Offer workshops by designated users that would filter the timeslots and only show workshops.
    • Create a registration form that includes “workshop” or “event” in the title so students are clear they are registering for a group event rather than an individual appointment.

2. When creating the event, after selecting the associated group, be sure to select a reason code as seen in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Select Reason Code When Scheduling Event

3. Group administrators must ensure the selected reason code settings are set to show for students on the scheduler as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

Reason Code Settings

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