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When students and staff log into ConexED, they can locate their scheduled meeting details by selecting the Schedule & View Meetings button on the left navigation menu as shown in Figure 1. This page has radial buttons for toggling between office meetings and event meetings (workshops). For scheduled appointments, select the Office Meeting option and then the My Office Appointments tab. This page displays the upcoming scheduled appointments. The information provided includes the following:

  • Date, Time, and Time Zone
  • Subject provided on intake form
  • Meeting Reason Codes
  • Meeting Location
  • Department
  • Meeting Time/Day (How many days until the meeting starts)
  • Meeting Attendees
  • Add Guest button
  • Remove Guest button
  • Meeting Link
  • A Join Cafe button will appear below the Meeting Link five minutes prior to the meeting start time. 

Figure 1

Schedule and View Meetings: My Office Appointments

Once a meeting has occurred, it will disappear from the My Office Appointments page. The meeting information will then appear in the Archives, also accessible from the left navigation menu as shown in Figure 2. Select the Meeting Archives tab to see the list of meetings. Students may watch a video of recorded sessions only after the staff member has published the recording in their own meeting archive. It can take 24 hours for the video recording to render and be available.

Figure 2

Meeting Archives

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