How to Schedule a Virtual Event

There are two ways to schedule a virtual event: the calendar method and the Schedule & View Meetings method. A Front Desk Agent will need to use the calendar method so that they can use the calendar to select a moderator who will host the meeting in their virtual event space. Only those with the Faculty/Staff role and above have virtual event spaces. For this reason, only group users with the Faculty/Staff role and above can use the Schedule & View Meetings method because this process syncs the event with their own virtual space. They additionally have the option to select another user from their group to be the moderator and host the event, but one must have the Faculty/Staff role or above to have that moderator selection option.

This lesson presents both methods and a video that includes a demonstration of the Schedule & View Meetings method along with how students register and access their scheduled events, and how to create a registration form. Front Desk Agents and all users have the ability to create a registration form and apply it to an Event Meeting that they schedule.

Registration Forms

It’s a best practice to create a registration form prior to scheduling an event, so it is available to add to the event before saving the event to the calendar. When adding a form to a scheduled event, you only have available the forms that you create. Registration forms are optional but provide a way to capture information about registrants beyond only their name and email prior to an event. Registration forms are also a way to optionally provide registrants an attached document that they may need prior to the event.

Faculty/Staff users will find the registration form tool on their Schedule & View Meetings page as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Faculty/Staff User: Add Registration Form

Front Desk Agents can locate a Create a New Form button on the Schedule Event Meeting page that is open when they first select View Meetings on the User Panel as shown in Figure 2. When Create a New Form is clicked, there will be a pop-up warning asking if you are sure you want to leave the page as depicted in Figure 3. If you have not filled out any of the Event Meeting details, click OK. If you have already begun to schedule an event, you may want to finish scheduling, save the event to the calendar, and then return to the Create a New Form button to create a form. You would then need to open the event on the calendar, click Edit Classroom, and add the new form to the event. It’s simply more efficient to create and add a form before beginning the scheduling process.

Figure 2

Front Desk Agent: Create a New Form

Figure 3

Pop-Up Verifying You Want to Leave the Scheduling Page to Open the Registration Form Page

Front Desk Agent: Calendar Method

The calendar method is also presented in the lesson on Event Meetings in Appointment Master, so the steps may be familiar to you, but our focus here is on creating a virtual meeting.

Step 1. Select Moderator, Day, and Time.

Locate the desired user on the calendar and click on the desired day at the time when the event is to begin and drag the selection to the time it will end. The example in Figure 4 shows that Emilia Sweet is going to be the moderator, and the event will be on July 8 from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m. You can also simply click the calendar and edit the start and end time when you get to Step 3.

Figure 4

Click the Calendar on the Intended Moderator’s Schedule Where the Event is to be Added

Step 2. Open Event Creation Tool.

When the Event Creation window opens, click “Create Workshop” as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Click Create Workshop on the Event Creation Dialogue Box

Step 3. Complete Event Information Form and Save Event to the Calendar.

Complete the Create Event form fields and click the Create Workshop button to save it to the calendar as shown in Figure 6. The form fields include Start Time, End Time, Time Zone, Meeting Location: Video or In-Office, Event Title, and Event Description. For a virtual event, select Video.

Figure 6

Click Create Workshop Button to Save the Event to the Calendar

The new event will now be on the calendar as shown in Figure 7. Click the event to open and view the Appointment [Event] Details and access the buttons for editing the event or editing the attendance.

Figure 7

Event on the Calendar.

Faculty/Staff Group Users: Schedule & View Meetings Method

Step 1. Select Schedule & View Meetings (Figure 8).

Figure 8

Select Schedule & View Meetings on the User Panel

Step 2. Toggle to Event Meeting > Schedule Event Meeting (Figure 9).

Figure 9

Select Schedule Event Meeting on the Event Meeting Page

Step 3. Select the Date, Time, and Group (Figure 10).

Figure 10

Enter the Virtual Event Date, Time Zone, and Time and Select Associated Group

The group menu will only show your groups. A virtual event is scheduled for a single moderator and is associated with a specific group. Figure 11 illustrates one user’s associated groups.

Figure 11

Example of Associated Groups for One User

With a group selected, new options appear for selecting a reason code and a moderator as shown in Figure 12. If you select a moderator other than yourself, they will become the event owner, and the event will sync with their virtual space. If the group administrator has customized the scheduler to include events (workshops), then when a student selects that reason code on the schedule, the event will become available to select, and the event registration form will appear instead of the appointment intake form. Also shown in Figure 12 is the option to select the meeting type. Here you would select “Online” to create a virtual event.

Figure 12

Select Reason Code, Moderator, and Meeting Type/Location

Step 4. Enter Event Title and Description (Figure 13).

Figure 13 also illustrates where you would attach a file that registrants would receive at the time of registration.

Figure 13

Event Title, Description, and File Attachment

Step 5. Complete the Recurrence, Guests, and Registration Options (Figure 14).

Figure 14

Check Optional Weekly Recurrence Pattern, Pre-Register Guests, and Add Registration Form

In the Registration Form section, you can limit the number of registrants allowed as illustrated in Figure 15. Those who attempt to register after the event is full will be prompted with an invitation to be added to the wait queue. This section is also where you add your registration form. Finally, click Create Meeting.

Figure 15

Add Registration Form and Click Create Meeting

As illustrated in Figure 16, the event will now appear on the moderator’s schedule on the associated group’s calendar and the calendar for any other group(s) that the moderator belongs to.

Figure 16

Event on Group Calendar

Scheduling Virtual Events (Video, 6 minutes)

This video reinforces the Schedule & View Meetings process of scheduling workshops and events and provides additional guidance for creating a registration form, editing the attendance, and accessing the virtual event URL and the registration form responses.

Scheduling Virtual Workshops Quiz

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