How to Earn a Badge


This course uses quizzes and assessments to show course participation and completion. Completing each lesson’s quiz and/or assessment earns you points. Achieve the total points for the module to qualify for a badge that you will be able to share on your social profiles like Linked In.

Appointment Master Badge = 31 Points Required of 35 Points Possible

12 Lessons & Quizzes (12 Points): Earn 1 point for each successfully completed lesson and quiz for a total of 12 points.

2 Unit Assessments (10 Points): Earn up to 5 points each for the Unit 1 and Unit 2 assessments completed with a minimum score of 80%.

1 Final Assessment (10 Points): Earn up to 10 points for the Appointment Master Final Assessment completed with a minimum score of 80%.

3 Survey Questions (3 Points): Earn 1 point for each survey question provided in the Unit 1, Unit 2, and Final Assessments.

Achieve a minimum of 31 points to unlock the Appointment Master Badge!