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Kiosk Permalink

When we were navigating the Kiosk Overview in Unit 1, we located the Kiosk Permalink. The Kiosk Permalink is used for providing students and guests access to the Kiosk Check-In Page to self-check-in. Each location within a group has a unique permalink URL with its own Location ID as illustrated in Figure 1, so it will be important that the link they access is for the correct location. There must also be staff with Walk-In office hours set on the calendar for that location for students to be able to check themselves into that location’s Queue.

Figure 1

A Unique Kiosk Permalink and Location ID for Each Group Location

If a Faculty/Staff group user meets with students at two different in-office locations, they will need to have distinct office hours set for each location. They can only select one in-office location for one set of office hours as shown in Figure 2. A Kiosk agent can view the user’s schedule on the group calendar and, by hovering over the Walk-In hours, see the set location for the Walk-In hours as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 2

Office Hours for One

Figure 3

Two Sets of Office Hours for Two Different Locations

Setting Up Permalinks

The self-check-in option is set up on a separate device from the device that the Queue agent or manager is working on. That device can be a tablet, laptop, desktop, or students can use their mobile device using a browser.

Option 1: Copy and Paste Kiosk PermalinkIdeal when only one location is using the device

On the device that the students will use, log into your account temporarily and navigate to your Kiosk Overview Page and either use the Kiosk Check-In Page button or copy the Kiosk Permalink, log out of your account, and paste the URL into the browser window as shown in Figure 4. The private Check-In Page will open.

Figure. 4

Paste URL in Address Bar

Option 2: Bookmark the Kiosk PermalinkIdeal when only one location is using the device

To avoid having to log in to your account, bookmark the Check-In Page in a browser of the Check-In Page device as shown in Figure 5. You can then refer to the Bookmark on the browser’s Bookmark menu to go directly to the Check-In Page.

Figure 5

Add Bookmark for Check-In Page

Option 3: Desktop ShortcutIdeal when multiple locations are using one device

On a laptop, computer, or tablet that is being used for the Check-In Page device, create a shortcut on the home screen as shown in Figure 6 for each location. Now each location will have an icon on the desktop. After each student checks in, the browser would need to be closed manually, so that the next student can select the button for their location as shown in Figure 7.

Figure 6

Create Shortcut on Desktop

Figure 7

Students Select the Location Icon to Open the Correct Check-In Page

Option 4: QR Code for Each Location – Ideal when students and guests will use their own device

Create a QR code like the one in Figure 7 using the Kiosk Permalink URL, and print the QR Code on a large document or on a poster, or have it displayed on a device for them to access. The QR code allows students to use their mobile device camera to open the Kiosk Permalink URL in a browser window of their mobile device and as shown in Figure 8 and check into the Queue. This option allows for the least cross-contact between the students.

Figure 7

QR Code Created by Free QR Code Generator Online

Figure 8

Check-In Page Open in a Cell Phone Browser Window

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