Non-Student Login

Guest Student Self-Check-in

A guest is someone without a Student ID number. Guests begin the check-in process on the same Check-In Page as a student, except they click the Non-Student Login button. We reviewed in the last unit that students who check in this way will not be automatically associated with a student record as is the case when students select Student Login, so the Queue agent or manager will be manually associating them with a student record or creating a new student record for them. The guest experience, however, is more simplistic as the following steps will illustrate.

Step 1: The guest clicks the Non-Student Login button.

Figure 1

Non-Student Login Button on the Kiosk Check-In Page

Step 2: The guest enters their name and phone number as shown in Figure 2. Providing a phone number is optional; however, guests will not be able to receive an SMS message from the Queue agent about their place in the Queue if they do not enter a number.

Figure 2

Non-Student Sign-In Form

If there is a specific informed consent statement like the one in Figure 3 for the group that the student is checking into, the guest must agree to it before continuing. If not, the student will be directed to choose a reason for the visit.

Figure 3

Example Informed Consent Statement

Step 3: The guest will see a Meeting Purpose screen as shown in Figure 4. They must select their reason for the meeting.

Figure 4

Meeting Purpose Screen

After selecting the reason, the student must click “Next” and then they will see a confirmation screen that they have been checked in as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Confirmation of a Successful Check In

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