My Event Appointments

My Event Appointments

We’ve looked at the Schedule and View Meetings button for accessing the workshop and event scheduling form, and this location is also where you see your already scheduled meetings.

Toggle to Event Meeting and then select the My Event Appointments tab. The upcoming meeting in Figure 1 is scheduled for Monday, August 16, 2021. The time is given below the date followed by the title and host information, beginning with the associated Department and Group. In the example, the Department is the Tutoring Center, and the Group is the Writing Center. The meeting time below this information is a count down to the start time with the number of days or hours before the meeting begins, or as in Figure 1: The meeting has already begun.

Most importantly, the Upcoming Meetings information includes the URL for accessing the virtual meeting space. A Join Meeting button will also appear once the moderator has entered the room.

Figure 1

My Event Appointments

The event details on this page also include the profile pictures and names of the other registered attendees. The Moderator will be the first person in the row followed by any additional meeting facilitators (secondary moderators) and then the registered guests or students. Hover over these interactive profile pictures to see the person’s name and whether they are a moderator or guest.

Figure 2


Figure 3


While there may be multiple moderators listed here, technically, there is only one primary moderator because the meeting syncs with only the primary moderator’s virtual meeting space; only that moderator can begin the meeting and run the meeting report after the meeting.

There are two ways to become a primary moderator:

  1. You create the meeting yourself.
  2. Someone else in your group creates the event and selects you to be the moderator.
    • Only faculty/staff group users can assign another group user as a primary moderator. A front desk agent cannot.
    • The assigned moderator must be in the same group. In Figure 4, the Associated Group for the event is The ConexED ACS, and below the reason codes, there is a dropdown menu with the group members who could be selected as the primary moderator for this event.

Figure 4

Assign Another Group User as Moderator

The primary moderator has additional tools with their Upcoming Meetings details. They can add or remove guests (these buttons are not enabled for guests), edit the meeting, preview the registration page, preview the attendance list, and cancel the meeting.

Figure 5

Moderator’s Upcoming Meeting

In the unit on scheduling on-campus events, we covered how to add additional facilitators to an event. The added facilitator will see the buttons for editing the event and the attendance on the Appointment Details window when the workshop appears on their calendar. However, as shown in Figure 6, these tools are not available on the Upcoming Meetings page as they are for the primary moderator.

Figure 6

Additional Moderator: Upcoming Meeting

The only tools added moderators have that guests do not are the Add Guest and Remove Guest buttons. Figure 7 illustrates how a co-facilitator can remove a guest from the attendee list.

Figure 7

All Moderators Have the Add and Remove Guest Tools

In the next unit, we’ll look more closely at adding and removing guests and managing attendance.

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