How to Schedule an On-Campus Event

Scheduling On-Campus Events Versus Virtual Events

In ConexED, every user has their own virtual meeting space for online events. When a user schedules a virtual event, their own virtual meeting space syncs with that event. It’s thus a best practice for virtual events that the intended moderator schedules it, for the event will be held in their online meeting space, and they must be the one to start the meeting and promote other staff to a facilitator role.

On-campus meetings are not held in the online meeting space, so it is less important whose virtual event space is attached to the scheduled meeting. This creates an opportunity for front desk agents and those who are not the intended meeting moderator(s) to schedule the event. Watch the Scheduling On-Campus Workshops video to see how any user or front desk agent can schedule an on-campus workshop or large event.

Scheduling On-Campus Workshops (Video, 6 minutes)

Scheduling On-Campus Workshops Quiz

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