Adding Students to the Queue

Adding Students to the Queue

Unit 2 kicks off with a lesson on adding students to the Live Queue for unscheduled, on-campus meetings. On the Kiosk Dashboard, students can be manually added to the Live Queue to be seen by group users who have drop-in office hours. In fact, in order to use the Check-In Kiosk and Queue, staff members must have designated “Walk-In” office hours set on the group calendar.

Requirements for Using the Kiosk

Prior to using the Check-In Kiosk, there are a few things the group administrator has to set up in advance. The checklist for use includes the following:

  1. The Kiosk option needs to be enabled at the group level, so that there is a Kiosk tab.
  2. The group has at least one on-campus location for in-office meetings set up on the Locations tab in the group settings.
  3. The group users who will be serving students who walk-in for unscheduled meetings must have office hours for an in-office location and have the Walk-In option selected as shown in Figure 1. The in-office, walk-in hours will then appear on the group calendar with a dark yellow outline as shown in Figure 2. No appointments can be made during walk-in hours.

Figure 1

Office Hours for an In-Office Location and for Walk-In Meetings Only

Figure 2

Walk-In Office Hours on the Group Calendar

Steps for Adding a Student to the Queue

  1. Navigate to the group’s Check-in Kiosk tab as shown in Figure 3 and click the Dashboard button on the desired location’s Kiosk.

Figure 3

Kiosk Dashboard Button

  1. On the Dashboard page, click the green “Add Student to Queue” button as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

+Add Student to Queue Button 

3. The “Add Student to Queue” form will appear as shown in Figure 5.

First, select the student by typing in the first three letters of their name and then select the student from the results. Then, assign the student to a counselor or select “Next Available.” Next, apply a reason code–the reason for the meeting. There is a field for adding optional check-in notes, and finally, click the green Add button.

Figure 5

Complete Form that Assigns a Student

The student will now appear in the Live Queue as shown in Figure 6. Because the student in this scenario already has a ConexED account, their Student ID and phone number will be pulled from their existing account information.

Figure 6

Student in the Live Queue

Adding Students to the Queue Quiz

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