Adding Guests to the Queue

Adding a Guest Student to the Queue

Now that you know how to add an existing student to the Queue, let’s look at how to add a guest to the Queue. A guest is someone who does not have a ConexED account or who is not an enrolled student with the school. Some groups such as Admissions and Counseling, for example, hold meetings with prospective students as well as with parents and other guests. Guests can be manually added to the Queue to be seen by staff members with walk-in hours on the calendar. Here is how:

  1. Start from the Dashboard for the location and click the green button “Add Student to Queue” as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Add Student to Queue Button

  1. Click the blue button “Add New Student” as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Add New Student Button

  1. Complete the Add Student form like the one illustrated in Figure 3. The guest’s full name and email address are required. The guest’s phone number and SIS ID are optional. If the guest is not a current student, they would not have an SIS ID. After adding the guest here, they will receive an email from ConexED to set a password for their new ConexED account, but this action is not required for continuing the process of adding them to the queue.

Figure 3

Add Student (Guest) to ConexED

  1. After adding the new account to ConexED, you will be back on the Dashboard. Click the green Add Student to Queue button again as shown in Figure 4. Now you can complete the Add Student to Queue form for the newly added guest or student as shown in Figure 5. Type in the student’s name, and the account you just created will appear in the results. Complete the form by clicking Add, and you will then see the guest’s information in the Live Queue as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 4

Add Student to Queue Button

Figure 5

Add Student to Queue Form

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Figure 6

Guest Has Been Added to the Live Queue

Adding a Guest to the Queue Quiz

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