Managing Students in the Queue

Live Queue Tools

The primary action for managing the Queue is checking a student in with a staff member; however, the Queue agent or manager also has tools for other actions necessary for efficient walk-in services. Figure 1 shows all of the Live Queue Actions, which include the following:

  • removing a student from the Queue,
  • marking the student as a no-show,
  • sending an SMS message to the student, and
  • checking in a student with an available staff member.

Figure 1

Live Queue Actions

Live Queue Actions

Remove from Queue: If a student is unable to wait any longer to see a staff member, the Queue agent can remove the student from the Queue by clicking the red button under “Actions” in the same row as the student’s name.

Mark as No-Show: If a student is listed in the Queue but has left the area and is not responding to any communications, the student may be marked as a no-show. This action also removes the student from the Queue.

Send SMS Message: This feature allows the Queue agent to send the student an SMS message. It may be to let them know their turn is next or that there will be a delay in services. It allows the student to wait outside of the in-office location yet not lose their place in line. The student must have a phone number in their profile, and a guest must have entered a phone number upon checking in to the Queue in order for this feature to work. The SMS message window provides a blank text field as shown in Figure 2. There are no preset messages.

Figure 2

Blank Field for Typing a Text Message

Check-In: When a staff member is available, the Queue agent clicks the green Check-In icon as shown in Figure 3 and then selects the blue Assign Attendee button under the desired staff member as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Assign Attendee to Staff Member

The staff member receives a pop-up on their screen to let them know the student has been checked-in as shown in Figure 4, and the meeting will now appear on that staff member’s schedule on the group calendar as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 4

Notification Pop-Up that Student is Available

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Figure 5

Meeting Appears on the Group Calendar

The counselor can now open the meeting from the calendar to add notes and check the student out when the meeting concludes. The Queue does not include a check-out tool, only check-in, so it is a best practice that the staff member goes in and checks the student out via the Appointment Details window; however, the Queue agent would also have access to these Appointment Details if it will be one of their duties to check students out as they leave the office.

Figure 6

Appointment Details from Queue Check-In With Check-Out Button

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