Managing Locked Lobbies

Managing Locked Lobbies

ConexED Group Users with the Staff/Faculty role can see when a student is waiting in a locked lobby. This resource explains how to connect with students in a locked lobby and manage locked and unlocked lobbies.

Locking and Unlocking a Lobby

Lobbies are set to lock nightly and will need to be unlocked each morning or when you open. To lock or unlock the lobby follow these steps and refer to Figure 1:

  1. Select “Lobby” on the left panel on the ConexED homepage.
  2. Select the name of the specific Lobby that you wish to unlock.
  3. Click the Lock icon next to the Lobby Title.

Figure 1

Locking and Unlocking a Lobby

Students in Locked Lobbies

Group users will see the names of students who are pending in a locked lobby. The names will be shown in a red outline as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Red Outline Around Student in a Locked Lobby

Students or guests in the locked lobby will see the locked lobby message unless they are manually added to the lobby or the lobby is unlocked as shown in Figure 3. Note: The locked lobby may be customized in the group settings by a user with the group manager role or higher.

Figure 3

Locked Lobby Message

Adding Students to a Locked Lobby

A Group User can manually unlock the lobby for a single user by selecting the name of the student as shown in Figure 4. This will produce a message that can be agreed to, which will add the student to the lobby.

Figure 4

Unlock Lobby for a Student

Once the student is added to the locked lobby, the group user will see the menu options appear next to the student’s name to chat or to invite the student into a meeting as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Tools for Connecting With a Student in a Lobby

Managing Locked Lobbies Quiz