Live Monitor View

The Live Monitor is the guest-facing display of the queue. One side lists those waiting in the queue, and the other side lists those being served. The monitor maintains the privacy of those in the queue by displaying only part of their ID number as shown in Figure 1, and their ID will be cleared from the queue altogether once they’ve been checked out of their meeting. The monitor also shows the names of the group users serving the students who have been checked in.

Figure 1

Live Monitor View of the Queue

Open the Live Monitor View using the button on the Kiosks Overview page as shown in Figure 2. There is also a Live Monitor View button on the Dashboard. Once open, the URL in the address bar can be copied and shared in other ways: embedded on a webpage, hyperlinked as a button, or turned into a QR code like the one shown in Figure 3. QR codes can be printed on a flyer or sign. They open the Live Monitor View on a mobile device when the code is scanned with the device’s camera.

Figure 2

Open the Live Monitor View From the Kiosks Overview

Figure 3

Sample QR Code for Live Monitor View

Live Monitor View Quiz

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