Knock on Door

Connect With Visitors Using Instant Chat

When your ConexED card status is green, a visitor can knock on your door, and a chat will open as shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6

Visitor Clicks ConexED User’s Knock on Door Button

The ConexED User who is logged into the ConexED platform will receive a popup notification and alert sound in addition to the chat box as illustrated in Figure 7. Click OK on the chat notification to begin typing in the “Send a message” field of the chat box.

Figure 7

ConexED User Receives Chat Notification

The visitor and ConexED user can then chat with each other as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

Student and ConexED User Chat

The ConexED User who receives the chat has a Chat Tools menu as shown in Figure 9. The tools include the following:

  1. View student details: This tool opens the visitor’s information in a new browser tab. The Student Details page as illustrated in Figure 10 will show if the visitor is already a Mathnasium student or has attended a marketing or family event in the past.
  2. Save chat to a new meeting: If this chat does not evolve into a video meeting, you can save the chat as a meeting so that it appears in the meeting history on the student’s information page and your center reports. An archive of the chat is automatically saved.
  3. Save chat to a new meeting and send survey: This tool saves the chat as a meeting and generates a survey, which will be emailed to the visitor. Completed surveys become part of this meeting’s Appointment Details accessible from the Student Details page. Surveys are an available form on the Forms tab of the Group Settings.
  4. Send to another moderator: This button opens a popup window with all other ConexED Users who are online and the ability to forward the chat to one of those other users.
  5. Send to group lobby: The group lobby is a virtual queue where you can have the visitor or student wait until they can be brought into a meeting by you or any online user in your group.
  6. Send to My lobby: Every user has a personal lobby where you can send a visitor or student to wait until you can assist them or bring them into a meeting. As the next lesson will show, the lobby is also a private place to chat.

Figure 9

Chat Tools

Figure 10

Student Details Page

Next to the Chat Tools button is an Open Your Door button as shown in Figure 11. Click this button to send a video meeting invite to the visitor.

Figure 11 shows what the visitor sees when you click Open Your Door. You’ll both receive an Enter Meeting button in the chat.

Figure 11

Visitor View of Enter Meeting Button in Chat

Prior to entering the meeting, you both will have the opportunity to select or turn on or off your audio and video as shown in Figure 12. When ready, click Join Now.

Figure 12

Video Meeting Landing Page with Audio/Video Settings

The virtual office is very similar in appearance as the virtual classroom used for Mathnasium instruction. Inside the virtual office, you can turn off or on your video and use the virtual office tools as needed. Always click the End Meeting button in the upper right of the room at the conclusion of a meeting to ensure the meeting had an end time for accurate reporting.

Figure 12

Virtual Office Meeting

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