Kiosk and Queue FAQ

Kiosk and Queue FAQ

Q. Can the Check-in Kiosk be used for checking in students for scheduled appointments?

A. It can. If a student is in the Queue and already has an appointment scheduled, the system will locate the appointment and ask if they want to check in as shown in Figure 1. There is a group setting that group administrators have available for limiting how early someone can check in to a scheduled meeting.

Figure 1

Student with Appointment Opens Check-In Page

Q. Can the Kiosk be used to check students into on-campus events and workshops?

A. Yes. If a student checks in to the Kiosk, and they are registered for an event or workshop, the system will locate the workshop and ask them if they want to be checked in as shown in Figure 2. This check-in process does not, however, mark them present at the workshop. The workshop moderator will receive a notification that the student has checked in to the event as shown in Figure 3; however, the moderator will still need to manually check the attendance box illustrated in Figure 4 for the student’s attendance to be reflected in the event report.

Figure 2

Student Registered for Workshop Opens Check-In Page

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Figure 3

Workshop Moderator Receives Notification About the Student Check-In to the Event

Figure 4

Workshop Moderator Must Manually Mark the Student’s Attendance

Q. Are there Kiosk Reports for tracking the use of the Check-in Kiosk?

A. Yes. The Kiosk Appointments report provides each meeting’s details–the staff member’s and student’s names, the meeting reason code, the start and end times, and length details–very similar to a meeting report, except the Kiosk Appointment Report also includes each student’s “wait time” in the Queue. The other report is the Kiosk Statistics Report that provides the numbers of students, meetings, reason codes, no-shows, and average wait times. Group administrators can access their group’s Kiosk Reports as shown in Figure 5 in their group settings.

Figure 5


Q. Can the Live Monitor View be customized to display the name of the location instead of the name of the Group?

A. The Live Monitor View is not customizable at this time.

Q. Can the Non-Student Login be disabled?

A. The Non-Student Login cannot be disabled.

Q. Why might a student not receive the SMS message sent using the Send SMS Queue tool?

A. Students typically have a phone number as part of their ConexED account profile. That is the number the SMS messages will go to. If the student logged in by manually providing their credentials, and they entered a different phone number with hopes the SMS message would go there, that’s why they didn’t get the message. When the system logged them in, it located the student’s account and used the phone number on the account for the SMS. The student can update their phone number on their Profile Settings, and that may solve the problem. If it doesn’t, it’s likely that the school has integrated its Student Information System with their ConexED platform, and the nightly information update has restored the student’s account phone number. The student will have to contact their school advisor or registrar to update their contact information if they want the SMS to go to another number.

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