Event Registration and Attendance

Lesson Goals

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to perform the steps for creating a registration form and locating the page for viewing event attendance.

It’s a best practice to create a registration form prior to scheduling an event, so it is available to add to the event before saving the event to the calendar.

When adding a form to a scheduled event, you only have available the forms that you create. Registration forms are optional but provide a way to capture information about registrants beyond only their name and email and provide them an attached document that they may need prior to the event.

Faculty/Staff users will find the registration form tool on their Schedule & View Meetings page as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Faculty/Staff User: Add Registration Form

Front Desk Agents can locate the Create a New Form button on the Schedule Event Meeting page that is open when they first select View Meetings on the User Panel as shown in Figure 2. To create a registration form for an event, click this button prior to creating the event.

Figure 2

Front Desk Agent: Create a New Form

A form builder like the one in Figure 4 will open. Click the desired field from the Available Fields column to add it to the form. Customize the form fields in the Properties column on the right.

Figure 4

Registration Form Builder

Event Registration Page URL

Once the Registration Form is created and attached to the event, students can self-register for it on the Event Registration Page. Every Group in ConexED has its own URL for their event and workshop registrations. Figure 5 shows an example of an Event Registration page. And Figure 6 shows a sample registration form that opens when a student clicks the Register Now! button.

Figure 5

Sample Registration Page

Figure 6

Sample Registration Form

Accessing and Editing Attendance

After students and guests begin registering for the event, you can view and edit the attendance via the Appointment Details on the calendar.

Open the event’s Appointment Details by clicking the event on the Calendar.

For Front Desk Agents, an Appointment Details window like the one in Figure 7 will open with a button for editing the Classroom Attendance.

Figure 7

Appointment Details for Front Desk Agent

For the moderator, an Appointment Details window like the one in Figure 8 will open with additional buttons to Edit the Classroom and Cancel the Classroom.

Figure 8

Appointment Details for Faculty/Staff Moderator

The Edit Attendance page has the following functions:

  • Start Meeting
  • End Meeting
  • Add New Student Account
  • Add Attendees
  • Print Attendance Roster
  • Remove from Meeting
  • Reason Codes
  • Add User to Wait Queue
  • Add Facilitator

The Start Meeting and End Meeting buttons shown in Figure 9 are important for on-campus meetings as they set the actual start and end time. The Meeting Attendees are listed with checkboxes for marking them present at an on-campus event. The boxes are automatically checked for a Virtual Event.

Figure 9

Attendance Page with Start and End Meeting Buttons and Tools for Managing Attendance

The Add Facilitator button being featured in Figure 10 is a way to add this event to the calendars of other Group users. 

Figure 10

Edit Attendance Page

Registration and Attendance Quiz

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