The Dashboard is the action center of the Kiosk and Queue. The Dashboard is where a Front Desk Agent or Faculty/Staff group user conducts the Kiosk and Queue operations. When you are on the Check-In Kiosks Overview page, open the Dashboard by clicking the Dashboard button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

How to Access the Kiosk Dashboard

The Kiosk Dashboard is the location of the Live Queue. In the next unit, we will examine the processes for checking students in and managing the Live Queue. Figure 2 illustrates the Live Queue when no one is in it. Figure 2 also illustrates the other buttons on this page: Go To Check-In Page and Open Live Monitor View. Additionally, there is an Add Student to Queue button. The Live Queue provides the following information about those in the queue:

  • Name
  • Counselor (Faculty/Staff group user)
  • Wait Time
  • Student ID
  • Phone
  • Check-in Notes
  • Selected Reason Code
  • Actions (These buttons appear when someone is in the Live Queue.)

Figure 2

Dashboard of the Live Queue

Dashboard Quiz

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