Card Customization

The ConexED Card, historically called the Cafe Card, is a legacy feature of ConexED. When it was first adopted by universities and colleges across the United States and Canada in 2014, the card revolutionized online student services by creating a private, personalized, and interactive touchpoint that engaged students the moment they landed on the student service webpage. Featuring a profile picture and bio, contact information, instant chat, offline messaging, scheduling, and webinar registration, each user’s card promotes student engagement and success. The card is founded on an “every student is a priority” principle. It empowers students by reducing the number of clicks and pages encountered before connecting with support; it increases the available options students have for connecting with support, and not just online students now that most students use smartphones to navigate their school website. Encounters with a card can also lead to an online, in-office, or hybrid meeting.

Figure 1 displays the ways the card can be customized to meet the needs of your student service group and students.

Figure 1

Customize ConexED Card

To customize your card, open the Profile Settings on the left menu of ConexED.

Customize Card

As shown in Figure 1, each card and group of cards has its own URL to email, share, and link to, and each card and group of cards has its own embed code for turning a homepage into more than a point of connection but an engaging, accessible, ADA conformant, and HIPPA and FERPA compliant touchpoint and pathway to private, group, and event meetings.

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