ConexED System Overview

This lesson introduces ConexED’s scope of services and breadth web-based features illustrated in Figure 1.

Lesson Goals

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to describe the type of platform ConexED is and where data is stored and recall key features included in the scope of services offered by ConexED.

Figure 1

The Web-Based ConexED Platform Accessible on Computer and Mobile Devices

ConexED is a web-based SaaS platform for educational institutions that unifies student communication systems for scalable student services in virtual, in-person, and blended environments. ConexED fosters meaningful connections and student success through improved communication experiences for students and staff and a big-picture view with data analytics for leadership. The resources available through ConexED equip student service providers with unified appointment scheduling, video and messaging tools, case management and early alerts, whiteboarding, secure document transfer, and technical integrations for enrollment and retention processes that promote student persistence. 

Founded as a start-up in 2014 to remove obstacles that hinder student persistence and access to student services, ConexED has evolved into the premier enterprise student success platform worldwide partnering with more than 280 colleges, universities, K12 institutions, and 1,100 tutoring centers. ConexED provides advisors, counselors, faculty, and staff in all departments across campus the tools and training necessary to meet students where they are. ConexED is the only video meeting, virtual event, and appointment management solution designed specifically for education and for promoting equitable access to student support services. 

Led by CEO and Founder, Tracy Gorham, who built ConexED through her personal experience navigating the fragmented world of higher education, the ConexED team of experts in software development, educational consulting and sales, implementation, customer success, support, and professional training work deliberately and collaboratively to ensure every institution’s and user’s experience is grounded in ConexED’s core mission to improve student learning outcomes by increasing student access to equitable student services. ConexED achieves its mission with ADA, FERPA, and HIPAA conformant technology and industry-standard best practices for student services that are dependable, empowering, and meaningful, that is, in tune with the current state of K12 and higher education and the modern learner lifestyle–what today’s students need to succeed.

The Scope of ConexED Services and Support

The full suite of the ConexED Enterprise Student Success Platform is offered to all schools with unlimited use of the software throughout the institutions or districts that sign up through the agreement with ConexED. The full-suite includes a platform scalable for single institutions or districts and data storage for the entire length of the contract. The scope of platform capabilities include the following features:


Third-Party Integrations and APIs

  • Instructure Canvas
  • CRM Systems
  • PeopleSoft
  • Google Docs and/or Microsoft 365
  • YouTube and/or Kaltura
  • Open APIs for developing additional integrations

Appointments and Scheduling

  • Search for support people
  • Set appointments for students
  • Set office hours and walk-in availability
  • Web page embedded scheduling
  • Student self-scheduling
  • Calendar apps interoperability
  • Appointment reminders email and/or SMS Text
  • Appointment check-in/check-out

Virtual Meetings – Setup and Connecting

  • Request on-demand meetings via chat
  • Meeting waiting queue
  • Mobile participation
  • No download connection required

Virtual Meetings – Participant Interaction

  • Multi participant, two-way video and audio
  • Mute participants
  • Recording/archiving
  • Download session recordings
  • Add/remove participants
  • Group and private chat
  • Share screen
  • Share files
  • Shared editing
  • Share multimedia
  • Shared digital whiteboard
  • Digital document signing
  • Save work
  • Accessibility

Security and User Authentication

  • Account provisioning
  • Authentication
  • Non-University accounts and authentication
  • FERPA Compliance
  • Data protection
  • Breach/incident response

Data and Reports

  • Institutional data ownership
  • Institution initiated data exports
  • External reporting tool access
  • Institution dashboard and pre-configured reports
  • Pre-configured individual interaction reports

Support and Training

  • End-user support
  • University and college application administrators support
  • Training, online
  • Training, on-site
  • Consulting services
  • Implementation support
  • Feature improvement requests
  • General usability

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Implementation and Technical Integration

Implementation support includes a scheduled, 8-step training program at the onset of the partnership in which an Implementation Manager facilitates technical integrations, administrators training, platform setup, and staff onboarding. In addition, each school has a dedicated Customer Success Manager as a touchpoint with continuous availability for questions, administrative support, and new feature training throughout the partnership. Re-Implementation can also be contracted when a school expands its use of ConexED to more departments or there are new administrators or IT professionals taking over as the primary contacts.

ConexED Technical Support is available to administrators, staff, students, and other users on ConexED’s public-facing Support Center website and internally from the platform’s User Panel and in every virtual meeting space. Support Tickets and feature requests are answered personally by our in-house technical support team during regular business hours. 

The System Administrator’s Role

The institution’s System Administrator has an important role during implementation and throughout the institution’s partnership with ConexED. The System Administrator and the institution’s IT team members complete the technical implementations including Single Sign On (SSO), the Student Information System (SIS), and the Learning Management System (LMS) and/or Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) integrations. The IT Professional course presents an introduction to these technical integrations and the steps involved.

An important element of the ConexED system is the scheduler, which involves staff creating office hours and syncing their work calendar with their ConexED scheduling calendar. Therefore, calendar integration is completed at the staff level by each individual staff member; however, the System Administrator may need to enable or manage this third-party app integration on the institution side. The System Administrator may also be responsible for managing the ConexED HUB hardware if the institution has contracted for the HUB service.

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