Check-In Page and Kiosk Permalink

The Check-In Page

The ConexED Check-In Kiosk is a student-facing page like the one shown in Figure 1. This is the page where students or guests check into the queue, thereby letting staff or a Front Desk Agent know that they are present and waiting for service or support.

Figure 1

Kiosk Check-In Page

Kiosk Permalink

The Check-In Page is accessible from the Kiosk Overview by using the Check-In Page button or the Kiosk Permalink as shown in Figure 2. The Kiosk Permalink opens the Check-In Page, and as a URL, it can be shared or hyperlinked on a webpage.

Figure 2

How to Access the Check-In Page Button and Kiosk Permalink

Check-In Page Privacy

An important aspect of the Check-In Page is that it is private. When a student checks into the queue, they go through a secure login process, and then the Kiosk resets, so the next student can securely log in. Therefore, while you are logged into your own account and are looking at the Kiosk Overview page, you cannot simultaneously be logged into your account and on the private Check-In Page, at least not using the same internet browser. In fact, if you click the Kiosk Check-In button, you will see an alert indicating that you will be logged out of your account as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Clicking the Check-In Page Button Logs You Out

Using the Check-In Page When Already Logged In

If you copy and paste the Kiosk Permalink into another browser window, you won’t be asked if you want to log out, but since you will still be logged in to your own account, the Kiosk will automatically search for any pre-scheduled meetings you may have on the calendar as shown in Figure 4.

Figure 4

Logged In User Opens Check-In Page

What’s interesting about the example in Figure 4 is that the meeting shows a start time and end time. This does not mean that the meeting has already occurred. Rather, this is the timeframe set by the selected Reason Code. The meeting time selected when the meeting was created was 5:10 PM. The “Quick Question” reason code determined it would be a 15-minute meeting on the calendar.

There is another timeframe at play here too. In the group settings, you can limit how early someone can check into a scheduled appointment. If the timeframe is the “Same Day” as shown in Figure 5, the Kiosk will show all of your own meetings for this day. Figure 6 shows the other timeframe window options. Our focus in this Module is on unscheduled meetings, but as you can see, the Check-In Kiosk is a dynamic tool that can be useful for scheduled in-office meetings as well.

Figure 5

Kiosk Check-In Window Set for Same Day

Figure 6

Kiosk Check-In Window Options

Check-In Page and Kiosk Permalink Quiz

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