Knock on Door Guide

Knock on Door Guide

How to Manage Drop-In Meetings Using the ConexED Card

For staff and faculty who hold virtual drop-in office hours, the ConexED Card features a Knock on Door button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Knock on Door Button That Initiates a Live Chat

Knock on Door Button Examples

When a student knocks, a chat opens as shown in Figure 2 to create an instant connection with support.

Figure 2

Faculty/Staff View of Chat Window Popup

If the staff member is available, they can chat with the student by typing in the “Send a message” chat field and then bring the student into the virtual meeting space by clicking “Open Your Door.” The student sees and can respond to any chats, and if the moderator opens their door, the student can then click “Enter Meeting” as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Chat and Invite into a Meeting

If while chatting, the moderator determines the student needs other help, they can open the Chat Tools as shown in Figure 4. The tools allow the moderator to open the student’s details in a new tab; save the chat as a meeting, so it is counted on the group meeting report; save the chat as a meeting and send the meeting survey; send the student to another moderator for support; or, send the student to the group lobby.

Figure 4

Chat Tools

If the staff member is already in a meeting, the student will be prompted to enter the group lobby to wait as shown in Figure 5. In the next unit, we’ll review how the lobby works.

Figure 5

Enter Lobby to Wait, When Moderator is in a Meeting

Watch the Knock on Door Guide for Staff to see an example of the process and learn more about managing drop-in meetings using the ConexED Card Knock on Door feature. 

Knock on Door Guide Video (5 Minutes)

Lesson 1: Knock on Door Guide Assessment

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