Schedule and View Events

Lesson Goal

By the end of this lesson, you should be able to perform the steps necessary to schedule an Event Meeting using the Schedule & View Meetings Method.

In this lesson, “events” and “workshops” mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. There are two ways to add Event Meeting to the calendar: the Calendar Method and the Schedule & View Meetings Method. This lesson will focus on the Schedule & View Meetings Method. Any user with the Front Desk role and above can use this method to schedule a virtual or on-campus event. The benefit of using this method over the calendar method is the option for setting a weekly recurrence pattern for the event and for adding a registration form during the scheduling process.

Step 1. Navigate to Schedule & View Meetings

Toggle to Event Meeting as shown in Figure 1. This is a Front Desk Agent view. A Faculty/Staff user will see four tabs as shown in Figure 2: My Event Appointments, Schedule Event Meeting, Event Registration Forms, and Events Report.

Figure 1

Event Meeting Page for Front Desk Agents

Figure 2

Schedule Event Meeting for Faculty/Staff and Above

Step 2. Select the date, time zone, and event time.

The event scheduling form begins with the date, time zone, and the start and end times as depicted in Figure 3. If this will be a recurring event, you will have an option to add those additional dates later in the scheduling steps.

Figure 3

Select the Time and Date for the Event

Step 3. Associate the event with a group.

Next, associate the event with a Group. Doing so will expand new options for also selecting a Reason Code, Moderator, and on-campus location. If these options do not appear, this means that the Group does not have any Reason Codes. Figure 4 illustrates the Front Desk Agent’s scheduling form with a Group selected, a Reason Code selected and a Classroom (Event) Moderator, who will be the owner of this event–have it on their calendar and be able to edit it. The selected meeting type is On Campus in this example, and the on-campus location is West Bay Campus. 

Figure 4

Select the Associated Group and Reason Code, Moderator, Meeting Type, and Location

The next fields shown in Figure 5 are the meeting topic and description, which will both appear on the event’s registration page where students can self-register for the event. Optionally, you can attach a file that those who register will receive at the time of registration.

Figure 5

Meeting Topic and Description

Step 4. Select Recurring Pattern (Optional)

On the right side of the form as shown in Figure 5, you can create a weekly pattern for this event. You set the days of the week and the start and end dates. This option is not available using the calendar method of scheduling an event.

Figure 6

Option for Setting a Weekly Recurrence Pattern

Step 5. Complete Registration Options and Create Meeting

The last sections of the form pertain to the event registration. You can invite up to 100 meeting guests who will be automatically registered once added. They will receive an email about their registration to the event.

In the registration options, you can also limit the number of guests that can register for the event. There can be a maximum of 100 guests for a virtual event and 1000 guests for an on-campus event. The event illustrated in Figure 7 has a 25 guest limit.

By setting a number for waitlisted users, you can allow a limited number of additional people to register beyond the set guest limit.

Next, select a (previously created) registration form for the event. This can also be added after the event is created. While there is a button here to Create a New Form here, you will not want to navigate away from this page before creating the meeting. Click Preview Form for a pop-up preview of the form.

Figure 7

Invite Meeting Guests, Limit Number of Guests, Select Registration Form

The last step is to click Create Meeting as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 8

Create Meeting Button

Once the event is created, it will appear on the calendar as shown in Figure 9.

Figure 9

Event on Calendar

Schedule and View Meetings Method for Scheduling Events Quiz

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