Assigning a Student to a Staff Member

A Further Look at Checking In a Student or Kiosk Guest

We’ve looked at the basic functionality of the Check-In tool, but there are some variables that impact what a Queue agent or manager will see when they click that Check-In button. This lesson will re-examine the check-in process to compare the experience of a student who was manually added to the Queue and a student who used the self-check-in process. We will examine how they use the self-check-in in the next unit. Here we will stick to the Queue agent’s experience.

First, let’s do a quick review of the check-in process for a student who was manually added to the Queue.

  1. Click the green “Check in: Select a Counselor” button as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1

Click the Check-In: Select a Counselor Button

2. The available staff members appear in a pop-up box. Select one staff member by clicking on “Assign Attendee” as shown in Figure 2.

Figure 2

Assign Attendee

3. The assigned moderator will receive a notification that a student has been assigned to them as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3

Pop-Up on the Faculty/Staff Users Screen Notifying Them of a Student Check-In

Now let’s examine another scenario. What if the Queue agent clicks the Check-In button and the window in Figure 3 pops up? What does it mean by “Associate Kiosk Guest with Student Record”?

Figure 3

Associate Kiosk Guest with Student Record

In this scenario, a student has self-checked into the Queue and selected the Non-Student Login option. In Unit 1, when we were navigating the Kiosk, we took a look at the student Check-In Page. Here it is again. Notice in Figure 4 that there is a Student Login and a Non-Student Login.

Figure 4

Non-Student Login

As we will see when we examine the self-check-in process in Unit 3, students go through a login process when they check into the Queue so that their check-in syncs with their ConexED account and so their in-office meeting becomes part of their student record.

So when the Queue agent goes to assign a student to a staff member, and the system tries to match the information to a current student, but there isn’t a match, the Queue agent has two choices: manually associate the Kiosk Guest with a student account or create a new student account.

  1. Manually associate a Kiosk guest to a student if the guest is there on behalf of a student or parent, for example, or if the guest is a student, but for some reason, the student is using another name and email that the system couldn’t identify. In the form depicted in Figure 5, enter the name or respective student you want associated with the meeting.


  1. Create a new student account for the Kiosk Guest by clicking the blue New Student Record button as shown in Figure 5.

Figure 5

Manual Association or Add New Student Record

A form like the one in Figure 6 will appear for providing the information about the student. All fields are required; however, if the ID is unknown, a placeholder number such as AB0001, for example, could be used, but a unique number is required for every student. The Kiosk Guest will receive an email to set up a password for their new ConexED account, but that action is not required for continuing the process of assigning the guest to a staff member.

Figure 6

Create a student record from Kiosk Guest

Now that the system has a student to assign to a staff member, the Select a Meeting Counselor pop-up will show those who are available, and the Queue agent can click the “Assign Attendee” button of the desired staff member as shown in Figure 7. The staff member will then receive an alert that they’ve been assigned a student as shown in Figure 8.

Figure 7

Select one staff member by clicking on “Assign Attendee”

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Figure 8

The assigned staff member receives a notification

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