Add Faculty/Staff Facilitator

Understanding the Faculty/Staff Group User

ConexED has role-based administration. From guests and students to front desk agents, faculty/staff, and ConexED Administrators, a user’s role determines their access to platform features, group settings, archives, and data. Faculty/Staff Group Users as shown in the bottom section of Figure 1 with the orange square around it are the counselors, advisors, tutors, and instructors, etc. who have cards in the Student Support Directory and whose schedules appear on the group calendar. Front Desk Agents as shown in the middle section of Figure 1 have access to a group’s calendar for scheduling purposes but do not have a card in the directory or their own schedule on the calendar. Therefore, for any workshop they create to appear on the group scheduler and calendar, they must assign a Faculty/Staff Group User as a facilitator.

Figure 1

Faculty/Staff Group User Settings Page as Seen by a Group Manager

Assigning a Facilitator

When a group user with the faculty/staff role or above creates a workshop, they are the moderator, and they will see the scheduled event on their calendar. When a front desk agent schedules an event, the event will not appear on the calendar. They must assign a group user as the moderator for the event to appear on the calendar as well as on the group scheduler.

  1. After scheduling the event, return to the Schedule & View Meetings page and select Preview Attendance List to add additional facilitators if necessary as shown in Figure 2 and then click Add Meeting Facilitator as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 2

Preview Attendance List

Figure 3

Add Facilitators

2. Begin typing the name of a Faculty/Staff Group User in the search field and select the appropriate user from the results as shown in Figure 4. Select multiple users if desired.

Figure 4

Add Facilitator Who is a Faculty/Staff Group User

3. The Faculty/Staff Group User will now be listed as a Meeting Facilitator as shown in Figure 5, and the workshop will appear on their scheduler as shown in Figure 6. The workshop will still be associated with the Front Desk Agent who created it, but as this is an on-campus workshop, that should not impact the in-person event or ability for students to register or be registered.

Figure 5

Meeting Facilitators

Figure 6

Workshop on Faculty/Staff Member’s Schedule

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