Group Calendar Tab- Appointment Details

Appointment Details are displayed in the Group Calendar Tab when a scheduled (upcoming, in-progress, or past) appointment is clicked on. The Appointment Details provide information about the appointment and include editable fields and buttons for managing the appointment. The Appointment Details also include a tab for Notes and Reason Codes and tabs for any forms the group has customized such as an Intake Form and Survey. The responses to those forms are located in the Appointment Details. Continue reading to learn more about each tab on the Appointment Details window.

Appointment Info Tab

The Appointment Info tab provides

  • Counselor/Staff Members the appointment is scheduled with
  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Scheduled start/end times
  • Scheduled reason codes
  • Date the appointment was created and by whom
  • Appointment subject
  • Appointment location
The editable fields include
  • Appointment type (in-office, video, telephone)
  • Actual start and end times. These times will be filled in when the student is checked in and out of their appointment.
  • Field to mark the appointment as a no show

The Appointment Details buttons include the ability to reschedule, extend, or cancel the appointment. They also include the function of checking the student into the appointment. This function fills in the Actual Start Time and notifies the staff member that the student has arrived for the appointment. This notification will appear on the staff member’s computer screen if they are logged into ConexED. Once the student is checked in, a check out button will appear.  

*Students are automatically checked in for video meetings; however, for in-office and telephone meetings, the student must be manually checked in to their appointments for reporting purposes. Appointments that do not have students checked in will be reported as no-show appointments.  

* If you change the Appointment Type, it will generate an email to notify the student of the updated information, but the original appointment confirmation that was emailed to the student and moderator will still show the original meeting type.

Intake Form Tab

In ConexED, each group has customizable forms, and the Intake Form is a good example of group customization as different groups need to know different information about their students to best serve them. The Intake Form is customized by those with a Group Manager role and above, and it appears during the final step of creating an appointment. The Intake Form can also be used for submitting a document to be reviewed or discussed during the appointment.

Student Survey Tab

When a virtual meeting ends, the student will arrive on a survey page. By default, the ConexED Survey will appear on this page unless a school administrator has added a default school survey here. However, if a group has customized a survey, the survey page will display the group’s survey, and the responses to that group survey will appear on the Survey tab of the Appointment Details. 

After-Meeting Survey
Appointment Details - Survey tab: Group Survey Responses

Notes and Reason Codes Tab

The Notes and Reason Codes tab provides the ability to record a reported reason code or codes for the meeting and add notes. This tab can be completed inside the virtual meeting space as well. Click the notes icon on the students video window as shown in the image below. The video will flip over. Here, you can add the reason codes and notes. This information will then appear on the Notes and Reason Codes tab. By default the notes are public, but on the Notes and Reason Codes tab of the Appointment Details, they can be marked for local access only, meaning only those in the same group can see them, or they can be marked private so that only the person who wrote the note can see them. Public notes can be seen but any staff or faculty across all the departments in your ConexED instance.