How Faculty and Staff Create Their Office Hours in ConexEd using the Office Hours & Settings Tool 

Office hours are the basis for scheduling appointments. ConexED office hours are required for showing available appointment slots on the scheduler. Office hours may also be created to prevent appointment slots from appearing on the calendar for the purpose of blocking time for in-office, walk-in meetings. Unscheduled, virtual drop-in meetings can occur at anytime and do not require the creation of office hours.

In ConexED, staff and faculty can create their own office hours using the Office Hours & Settings tool. Group admins can also access and create staff and faculty office hours via the Admin Control Center or Group Master Scheduler; however, this lesson shows how staff and faculty can create their own office hours.

  1. Office Hours & Settings: Once logged into ConexED, navigate to Office Hours & Settings on the main menu.
Office Hours and Settings copy
Select Office Hours & Settings to access your calendar for creating your own office hours.

2. Event Creation: A calendar will be displayed in the Calendar tab. Click into the calendar to open the Event Creation dialogue box.

Click on calendar and select Office Hours in Event Creation dialogue box.

3. Create Office Hour

  • Select a Start Time and End Time for your office hours. If you work two shifts, create office hours for each shift separately. 
Input the Start Time and End Time.
  • Date: Select Single or Recurring Series and input the single date or recurring dates. 
Select date.
  • Group: Select the group. The office hours will create appointment slots on the group calendar. 
  • If you belong to multiple groups, set the office hours for one group at a time. Select the first group and complete all the steps and then click your calendar on a space where no office hours appear in order to reopen the event creation window and repeat the steps in this lesson for the next group. 
Group Selection
Select group.
  • Location: Once you select a Group, the form will update to show the group’s locations. Select the location or locations where you will hold these office hours: video, telephone, or in office. In-office appointments also require that you select the name of that location. Some institutions or groups have multiple campuses or centers listed here. If you work at multiple locations, create office hours for one location and then create a new set of office hours for the other location. 
Select location or locations.
  • *Reason Codes: When reason codes appear here, a group setting has been selected to allow staff and faculty to select from the group’s reason codes when making office hours. When reason codes do not appear here, a group setting has been selected that applies all of the group’s reason codes to all staff and faculty office hours by default. Only those with the Group Manager role and above can change the group setting to show or hide reason codes on the office hour creation dialogue box.
Select Reason Code (*Optional Group Setting).
  • Walk-In Office Hours: The checkbox for Walk-In Office Hours is for office hours that are not for scheduled appointments. Checking this box will hide your office hours on the appointment scheduler. Your office hours will appear on the group calendar with a yellow highlight around them. Students without appointments who walk into your office can be checked into a meeting with you during your walk-in hours, and students without appointments can knock on your ConexED card door for a virtual meeting during walk-in hours.  
Only select Walk-In when preventing scheduled appointments.

4. Create Office Hour: Click Create Office Hour to save and add your office hours to your calendar. If you belong to multiple groups or hold office hours in different in-office locations, repeat the office hour creation steps for each group and location.

Create Office Hour button
Save office hours be clicking Create Office Hour.