Build your ConexED skills with our self-paced multi-level courses. Earn certificates and badges in your area of expertise or role as staff, student services, or admin. 

Front Desk Level 1 Certificate

Deepen your knowledge and expand your skills for scheduling and managing virtual and in-office appointments, workshops, and Kiosk check-ins

Faculty/Staff Level 1 Certificate

Develop your skills and broaden your knowledge for managing unscheduled meetings and moderating virtual meetings and scheduling events.

Student Service Pro Level 1 Certificate

Improve your ability to connect with students using the card, lobby, and virtual meeting space; create office hours and schedule meetings, busy events, and workshops.

Coming Soon Group Manager

Deepen your knowledge and sharpen your skills for customizing your group, managing office hours, understanding reports and technology best practices.

Coming Soon Director Certificate

Broaden your understanding and sharpen your skills for building departments, customizing groups, understanding reports, and providing your team solutions and best practices using the platform.

Coming Soon Administrator Certificate

Become an expert ConexED Administrator with advanced sills for platform setup, technology integrations, understanding reports and best practices for using the platform.

So many badges to earn on your journey!