ConexED Lobby FAQ

What is the best way to start a private meeting with a student via the ConexED Lobby?

Select the Lobby option on the left side navigation. Once you are in the Lobby, use the (+) next to the student’s name to start a meeting. Private meetings associate with a group for reporting purposes.

How do I leave/close/end a meeting?

To end a private meeting, it is extremely important that you use the “Exit Meeting” button in the upper right of the virtual meeting space. If you do not select this button at the end of the meeting, it will prevent you from starting a new meeting with the next student in the Lobby. 

How do I meet with more than one person in my café?

Enter your virtual meeting space (Cafe), and once in the meeting space, use the Lobby button to open the Lobby and then use the (+) next to each student’s name to bring them into your meeting space. These meetings will not associate with a group for reporting purposes.

If I’m in a meeting and a student knocks on my door, where does the student go?
If a student knocks on your door while you are in a meeting, they will be directed to the group Lobby. If you are not part of a group, they will be directed to your personal Lobby.

Why is there a message stating “meeting has ended” during the meeting time?
When a Moderator clicks the Exit Meeting button, the meeting is officially closed and cannot be resumed. Students are directed to the End of Meeting Survey page, and the Moderator is directed to the group Lobby where they can start a new meeting. The previous join meeting link will not be accessible.

Why can’t I create a new meeting with a student?
This is can occur for one of two reasons:

  1. You did not click “Exit Meeting” at the end of your last meeting. You will need to re-enter your meeting space and then click “Exit Meeting.”  This will end the previous meeting and allow you to start a new meeting by bringing a new student into the meeting from the Lobby. 

  2. The student is on an iOS device and navigated away from the ConexED Lobby.  There is a warning for students to remain on the ConexED page, but it may still occur. 

I am a Moderator in a Group, can I enter the Lobby of another Group?
No, Group users are unable to join the Lobby of another group. However, you can visit another Moderator’s personal Lobby via the Knock on Door function or through a direct URL.

How many students can I chat with at once?
There is not a limit to the number of students you can chat with at once. 

Can I transfer students to different Lobbies?
Yes. Select a student name and then use the arrow function to transfer them to other Lobbies in your school.

Why can’t I send a student back to the Lobby from my café?
In a Private meeting, students can be sent to your personal Lobby using the paper airplane icon. From your personal lobby, you can use the arrow function to forward the student to another group Lobby. You can also provide a student the direct URL to another lobby. 

Can students see the wait time in a Lobby?
No. Unexpected changes in meeting length can add a layer of unpredictability to wait times, so to prevent incorrect expectations, students do not see the counters. However, groups can post average wait times in their Lobby welcome message or post a message in the group Lobby for unusual delays.

Can I see if another moderator messaged a student?
There is a group setting that allows moderators to view and participate in messages to students in the Lobby. This allows moderators to work as a team and prevent duplicate requests to students. This function is set up by those with the Group Manager role and above.

If we remove a student, how long before they can re-enter the lobby?
If a student is removed from the Lobby, they cannot rejoin the same Lobby for approximately 1 hour, but they can join other Lobbies in the meantime.

Why is my Lobby locked in the morning?
Lobbies are set to lock overnight and will need to be unlocked daily. This design ensures that students are not waiting in Lobbies on days that no one will be available.