ConexED Case Management: Student View

When Case Management is set up and enabled on your ConexED platform, a new set of features will appear. This resource presents these features from the student point-on-view.

Important: Case Management must be set up and enabled prior to use. Students will NOT see the content shown in the examples below until after the school’s ConexED Admin sets up and turns on Case Management in ConexED.

New! Student Support Center

Students access their Dashboard, Milestones, Support Network, and Notifications in the Student Support Center.


The Dashboard displays the student’s progress toward reaching their milestones. It also provides quick access to upcoming appointments.


On the Milestones page, students can access more details about their milestones, submit milestone completion requests, and email their support network about their milestones.

Support Network

The Support Network page is where the ConexED Cards are now located for students. Here, students can connect with the support groups assigned to their cohort via chat, video meetings, appointments, and offline messaging.


On the Notifications page, students can access the messages they have received from members of their support network.