Ten Steps to Case Management

With the launch of ConexED Case Management in May 2021, ConexED admins now have a Case Management button and menu on the left navigation pane of their ConexED platform. This resource presents the Admin Role steps for setting up Case Management prior to enabling it for students.

Important: Case Management must be set up and enabled prior to use. Group users with the faculty and staff role and above will see Case Management on their left-side navigation menu, but they cannot use it until it is set up. Students will not see any changes to their ConexED platform until Case Management has been enabled in the Admin Settings.

New! Case Management Menu

Admins use the tools on the Case Management menu to set up Case Management. Admins see the same menu as faculty and staff group users, department directors, and group managers with the exception of the Cohorts button. Only Admins can access the Cohorts feature for setting up Case Management.

Select Case Management on the left-side navigation pane to open the Case Management menu.

Pre-Setup Checklist

The following ConexED implementation tasks must be complete prior to setting up Case Management in ConexED:

  1. Groups and Group Users with ConexED Cards: There must be at least one group with at least one group user to create a student’s support network, which is done by attaching a group to a cohort.
  2. Student ConexED Accounts: Students are assigned to cohorts using the email associated with their ConexED account. Importing student data via flat file import, SIS integration, or by students individually logging into ConexED is a prerequisite for assigning students to cohorts.
  3. Goal of Cohort: The ConexED Admin will want to consult with their leadership and/or colleagues as necessary to determine the sets of students that will be cohorts in ConexED, e.g. grade level, start date, major, or program.
  4. List of Milestones: The ConexED Admin will want to consult with their leadership and/or colleagues as necessary to determine what milestones will be tracked for each cohort, e.g. meet with an advisor, attend job fair, register for the next term’s classes.

Case Management Setup

Once the ConexED platform has group users and student accounts and the admin has determined the cohorts and milestones, Case Management can be set up following the ten steps below. 

1. On the Case Management menu, select Cohorts.

2. On the Cohorts tab, click “Create Category.” 

  • Name the Category, e.g. First-Year Students. 
  • On the Category toolbar, click +Add Cohort. 
  • Name the Cohort, e.g. Summer 21, Fall 21, Winter 22.
Click Cohorts to create cohort categories and cohorts.

3. Click cohort name to access cohort details. 

Click the name of the cohort to access and edit the cohort details.

4. Click Add Students tab. 

Click the "Add Students" tab to add students to the cohort.

5. Add Students to cohort. 

  • Choose to upload a list of student email addresses via a CSV file or assign one student at a time to a cohort by their email. 
  • The email address must be the same as the student’s ConexED account email address.
Mass assign students to a cohort or assign one at a time.

6. Create Milestones.

  • Click the Milestones tab and then click Custom Milestone.

Create a milestone for the cohort.

7. Click “New Milestone.” 

  • When Custom Milestone is clicked in step 6, a “New Milestone” appears in the Assigned Milestones box. Click “New Milestone.”
Click "New Milestone" to edit the details.

8. Complete new milestone details and click “Save Milestone.”

  • Add milestone details: title, due date, description, any attached files a student may need to complete the milestone, and reminders. Reminders can be set for one day, two days, one week, two weeks, or 3o days before the due date.
Complete the milestone details.

9. Attach Student Support Groups

  • Click the last tab: Attach Student Support Groups. 
  • Click into the search bar and your available groups will appear. Select one at a time and click Attach to Cohort. 
Select from your available groups to attach one or more to a cohort.
  • Click the Student Support Groups tab to view (or detach) the Cohort’s assigned groups.
View the support groups and lists of the faculty/staff in each group on the Student Support Groups tab.

10. Enable Case Management 

  • Only a ConexED Admin can enable Case Management. 
  • Open the Admin Settings and locate the Case Management System Student Visibility setting and select Enabled. 
  • Save the setting by clicking the Update button at the bottom of the page. Case Management is now enabled, and students will see their dashboard on the ConexED homepage. 
Open the Admin Settings to enable Case Management.