Admin Control Center - Group Scheduling System

Customize and manage group schedules

The steps below will give you an overview of the Admin Control Center.

Customize and manage group schedules: 

  1. Go to “Campus Calibrate.” 
  2. Navigate to the “Admin Control Center” where you’ll see five tabs: Departments, Schedule Exceptions, Master Scheduler, Reason Codes, and Reports. 
  3. Use the “Departments” tab to add department shells and create groups within each department and add a department director to one or more department shells, which gives them access to all groups within that shell. 
  4. Use the “Schedule Exceptions” tab to create exceptions for events like holidays and closures to indicate when departments or groups will not be available for appointments. 
  5. Use the “Master Scheduler” tab to create and manage schedules for staff and faculty in groups. 
  6. Use the “Reason Codes” tab to create reason codes that can be used by groups for consistency and tracking.


Here is a helpful video on these steps above: