Add or Edit Group Reason Codes - Scheduling System

How to add or edit group reason codes within the group scheduling system, Campus Calibrate.

  1. Once logged into ConexED, navigate to Campus Calibrate > The department shell of the group you’re wanting to edit > Group you want to edit.
  2. Go to the Reason Codes tab. Here you will see any reason codes currently being used by the group. Only those with the role type of ConexED Administrator, Department Director, or Group Manager will have access to this tab.
  3. To add a reason code, click Add Reason code.
  4. Select a reason code category and then select the reason code.
  5. Customize the reason code to fit the needs of your team: duration, end of meeting buffer, show for this role and above, show on appointment scheduler, and more. These are explained in the video below.
  6. Click Add to add this reason code to the group.


To make a change or remove a reason code from a group, simply click Edit and then Remove to remove the reason code for the group or use the form to make changes to the reason code and save.

Please review this video tutorial: